Jon recently finished the score for the short film "Honey Pie" by writer/director Brandon Willer. 

A psychological drama about a drifter who stumbles across a bizarre cult, he falls under the spell of their oddly charismatic leader and begins to experiment with their homemade drugs that take him to the brink of death. This is Jon's second collaboration with Willer. 


Jon wrote the score for a short film entitled "Nzara '76" by writer/director Jon Noble.

Nzara '76 documents the discovery of Ebola in Africa in 1976. The doctors quickly find themselves caught between local culture and the extreme measures needed to stop the disease's spread.


In June of 2013 Jon produced the debut album for his folk/rock band The Roustabouts. Jon co-wrote the album with his long time friend Paul Haapaniemi. Jon continues to play with The Roustabouts all over the Los Angeles area.

Check out their website for more information. 

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Jon co-wrote, produced and performed the

end credits song for Bethesda's hit video game "Dishonored." The track "Honor For All" was co-written with Jon's uncle Daniel Licht who also scored the video game.

The track is currently available for purchase on iTunes HERE

Composer - Singer/Songwriter